Molding Machine Electrical and Power Control Upgrade

Sometimes your molding machines will experience electrical problems or limitations that do not require major servicing. For those occasions, Twin Pines provides electrical upgrades to meet whatever needs you may have. Our electrical upgrade services cover everything from repairing faulty wiring, to completely replacing the electrical system in order to improve the machine’s effectiveness.

An electrical upgrade presents a variety of advantages.

First, any obsolete equipment on the machine will be replaced with up-to-date equivalents. We also use Allen-Bradley controls for all of our electrical work, meaning that replacement parts are both inexpensive and easy to locate. Finally, we will create a centralized control system that can be run from one screen and is both simple and intuitive, making the operaton of the machine much easier and eliminating the need for regular troubleshooting. Our electrical upgrades will improve both the efficieny and reliability of your rubber and plastic molding machines.

Allen Bradley Electrical Upgrade
Twin Pines uses only the highest quality electrical componenets in our molding machine electrical upgrades. We feature Allen Bradley controls and other companies that have proven tracj records for quality and durability.

Below are just a few photos of some of our electrical upgrades we have preformed for our customers.

The result is a more efficient running machine with less downtime and offers a more cost alternative to buying a new machine. It also lets you escape the trap of proprietary systems that may actualy cost more than a new machine.

Molding Machine Electrical Upgrade Electrical Control Panel

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