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Fluid Ends Repair

Fluid ends are critical to oil & gas drilling operations because they endure the most amount of wear and tear in a fracking operation, making fluid end repair crucial. Fluid ends are assemblies for high pressure pumps that receive fluid from a supply manifold and direct or transfer the fluid to an outlet missel. The wear and tear comes from heavy or long-term usage or damage during the drilling process.

Twin Pines Manufacturing provides fluid ends repair services that are unsurpassed in the industry. We can also remanufacture, repair, or rebuild fluid ends to meet or exceed their original specifications. Our experience in both the rubber and machining industry provides us with the knowledge and capability to repair or remanufacture fluid ends at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our facilities feature milling and drilling equipment designed for heavy equipment and repairs.

We have many oil & gas drilling companies that have had new equipment damaged or wear from extreme usage be up and running faster, and much less expensive than if they were to replace an entire fluid unit. Our quality and craftsmanship ensure that each fluid head works as safely and efficiently as a new unit.

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 Fluid Ends Repair

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