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Hydrofracking Equipment Repair Service

Hydrofracking is a critical process in the oil & gas drilling business. Recent industry events have highlighted the importance of high-quality durable equipment to get the job done safely and efficiently. Twin Pines Manufacturing addresses the importance of hydrofracking safety by offering a wide variety of high performance spare parts, as well as repair and remanufacturing services for equipment such as fluid ends and power ends that are used with drilling fluid manifolds.

We bring our years of extensive experience in both molded rubber and machining to our hydrofracking equipment repair services. Our facilities offer boring and milling machines used in machining heavy equipment and the highly-skilled and experienced staff to complete the job, the right way the first time.

We have helped many oil & gas drilling companies by providing service and repairs to equipment like fluid ends, power ends and stuffing boxes, saving them significant amounts of money as well as down-time. With our hydrofracking equipment repair services, equipment is returned to service that meets or even exceeds original specifications, both faster and less expensive than replacing with new equipment.

Fracking Equipment Repairs

Pump Fluid Ends

Fluid ends are assemblies for high pressure pumps that receive fluid from a supply manifold and direct or transfer the fluid to an outlet missel.

Pump Power Ends

Twin Pines Manufacturing is capable of a wide range of power ends repair services, from minor thread, all the way up to full mechanical rebuilds.

Stuffing Box Repairs

A stuffing box is used to prevent leaks along a piston, rod, propeller shaft, or other moving part that passes through an opening in a cylinder or vessel.

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