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CNC Machining Service

Twin Pines Manufacturing’s machine shop offers large and small milling and machining services for a variety of applications. Our machining services also include expert engineering consultations to ensure efficiency and precision in completing your project.

On one side, our cnc machining capabilities allow us to work on projects as small as designing and building supplies. On the other hand, our large milling services can handle projects of up to 40,000 pounds with table capacities of 60 x 60 x 120 inches. The scope of work of our cnc machining services permits us to mill at these extremes, and to handle all projects in between.

In addition to our exceptional capabilities, Twin Pines possesses extensive experience in cnc machining all types of materials. Whether your project requires precision milling of titanium, or massive modifications to large pieces of steel, we bring our expertise to every job we handle.

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