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Pump Power Ends Repair

Twin Pines Manufacturing is capable of a wide range of power ends repair services, from minor thread, all the way up to full mechanical rebuilds. We follow a strict procedure with all of our power ends repair projects that has proven to be successful in satisfying all of our customers.

Scrapping a damaged power end and replacing it with a new one can cost you up to $250k. In almost all cases, our power ends repair services can bring damaged power ends back to life and fully operating at half that cost. At Twin Pines, our process for power ends repair services allows us to handle even catastrophic repairs and have them back on the truck at significant savings to you.

Although we realize the significant cost of down time to our customers, we never cut corners or sacrifice the quality of our power ends repair services for the sake of getting it back up and running quickly. We ensure that every single issue is addressed correctly and are confident that our customers never experience any additional complications that may otherwise be common, such as problems with stay rods and alignment.

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