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Quality, service, and teamwork are at the forefront of Twin Pines Mfg. Corp. Since 1987, Twin Pines has brought customers durable, efficient, and better built parts. What started as a business that built rubber molding machines has now evolved to engulf the oil and gas well industry.

Today, our products provide companies of all sizes with quality products that are cheaper and more readily available than other companies. Twin Pines has designed tools for the oil and gas industry that have helped speed up the down time of trucks. Along with tools, we have provided seals, hammer unions, plugs, plungers, and so much more for the industry. In addition to our ability to make custom parts for customers, we also keep a very large inventory of parts readily accessible.


Anne and Robert

Robert Kovalcik
Anne Kovalcik
Scott Miller Scott Miller
Production Manager
Scott Miller Marie-Paule Scanlon
Inventory Manager



As a reflection of our belief that customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, we have employees that strive hard every day to provide our customers with the best products. Our employees are committed to working at the highest level every day.

Technological Innovation

Twin Pines has updated its machining capabilities by acquiring multiple new Mazak CNC machines. These machines provide the most detailed, professional, and accurate machining that is available. Along with the ability to provide CNC machining, we also have top quality Lucas Mills. These, along with other manual machines, provide the best quality machining available.


Twin Pines was founded in 1987, by a then 20 year-old man, by the name of Robert Kovalcik. Twin Pines was located in Westmoreland County until the early 2000’s, when Robert moved the business to where it remains today, Clarksburg, PA. Due to the surge in the oil and gas industry in the area in the past few years, Twin Pines has migrated from what it was, to a prominent and reputable name in the oil and gas industry. What was once the dream of a young man from Latrobe has successfully grown into a reality.

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