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Twin Pines Manufacturing Corporation serves the oil & gas hydrofracking and drilling industry. Located in Clarksburg, Pennsylvania, we are in the heart of the Marcellus Shale oil & gas drilling industry. Our industry experience allows us to meet our customers’ needs fast and cost-effectively. We have developed a solid reputation for building durable, high quality hydrofracking equipment, supplying reliable spare parts, and providing top of the line repair services. Simply stated, we have the equipment and supplies, along with the industry knowledge, to solve any of your hydrofracking equipment and repair challenges.


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Equipment Parts

Twin Pines addresses the importance of hydrofracking by offering a wide variety of valve seats, fracking seals, cementing plugs, plungers, stuffing boxes and seat pullers used in oil and gas drilling.
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Fracking Equipment Repairs
Hydrofracking Equipment Repairs

Twin Pines also provide repair and remanufacturing services for equipment like fluid ends, power ends and stuffing boxes used in fracking operations.

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Machine Shop

From milling to grinding to boring, we are equipped to handle any project from the smallest request to the seemingly large and unwieldly.

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Oil & Gas Driiling Parts
Drilling Parts Online Quotes

Twin Pines now provides an easy online ordering system for a variety of fracking equipment parts nd an easy quote system.

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Twin Pines Manufacturing provides hydrofracking equipment, repair and spare parts used in the oil & gas drilling process. Our hydrofracking products include everything from cement plugs to fluid ends or power ends, to trustworthy repair services. Twin Pines Manufacturing Corporation is a leader in manufacturing and repairing hydrofracking equipment used in the oil and gas industry. Our reputation has enabled us to grow and server our industry with quality products and services that keep our energy moving forward.


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